Ancient cemetery

The place called Shahargah is located near this fortress as a settlement.Another possibility is that the city was near Chiraggala. Near both  monuments there are ruins and graves. Later, the settlements disappeared and remained under the ground.However, although there are no signs of life near Chiraggala, the cemetery, located about 250-300 meters from the monument called Gala, still remains, not completely disappeared, if not protected it will soon remain under the ground. The cemetery covers a large area. Tombs can  be grouped according to their characteristics as follows: 1. Mass graves. It is clear that such graves were created as aresult of wars. 2. Full tidy, separate graves where people sleep.Some of these tombs have chests inscribed on them. People who know the Arabic Alphabet say that these writings are not written in Arabic script. According to written sources, the famous historian Mashadikhanim visited cemetery.

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