Gil- Gilchay Defensive Wall

Gil-Gilchay wall differs from others according to the complexity and style of construction.It has been determined that the wall starts from the west coast of the Caspian Sea and extends to Kolani, Gil-Gilchay, Eynibulag, Chalgan, Ugah, Chinarlar, Nohurlar Siyazan and Davachi district,passing through the territory of villages, continues to the Baba mountain. The wall surrounding the passages in the Greater Caucasus Mountains,passing through the territory of Guba,Zakatala and continues to the east coast of the Black Sea.In particular,the long walls of Zakatala begin from the East of the region,pass through Katekh and continue to the Georgian border,the Daryal valley and from there to the Black Sea.It is known that,as the Sassanid Empire occupied Caucasian Albania,5 defensive barriers were systematically built to ensure the security of its Northern borders,as well as to protect it from the attacks of the northern peoples.The Gil-Gilchay Wall differs from the others by its magnificence and length. For comparison,the height of the Chinese Wall is 10 m,but in some places the height of the Gil-Gilchay Wall is 15 m and the width of the walls is more than 7 meters.

During the construction of the wall,its plan structure was adapted to the terrain and natural obstacles were used to the maximum for defense purposes.The natural-geographical factor in the construction of the wall,considering the long defensive walls of Zakatala and the impassable slopes of the Caucasus Mountains,undoubtedly the wall stars from the Caspian Sea, including the Daryal valley covers a long distance.There is a large fortress,a castle,a defense post in 4 places of the area surrounded by the wall,as well as in 5 places were registered an ancient legal place.It was determined that minimum distance between the constellations in the plain is 29,5m,the maximum distance is 61m and the average size is 40 meters based on a single regularity.In total 152 angles of the wall starting from the sea and the distance between the angles,by accurately were measured the height from the sea level,as well as the military camp located on the wall.As a whole,the wall is built in plain,semi-mountainous and mountainous parts.The Takhtakorpu-Ceyranbatan channel passes through the beginning of the semi-mountainous part.It should be noted that in the southern part of the wall the height of the wall 2-3 m,while the northern part is 5-6 meters

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