Pir Khalil Tomb

  This tomb which is located on a hill from Gil – Gilchay settlement is one of the interesting examples of 17th century Azerbaijani architecture.It is little detailed information about Pir Khalil Baba , who was buried in this tomb.It is known only from literary sources that Pir Khalil Baba was one of the famous sufi dervishes of the 17th century.The local people come to this pir because of various eye pains and attach old pieces to the walls of the pir.Historian Mrs. Mashadi  Nemet writes in the book of pirs in Azerbaijan, published in Azerbaijan in 1992, that  “Nadi Aliyyan’s” prayer was written in the book of the “Pir Khalil Baba” tomb , located 7km from the Khzylburun peninsula. ”Bektashiyya” , “Nadi Aliyyen”, who is associated

with the  “Baba Summit darvishes“ societies, says in his prayer “call Ali”: “Oh Madad Ali! In our sect, thewords of truth is to call on Ali. Call Ali, who creator  miracles! Then you will find a savior from troubles. Oh Muhammad! Your prophecy or Oh Ali! Oh Ali!

Oh Ali, with the help of your guardianship, all grief and sorrows will pass. ”Pir Khalil Baba was a member of “ Bektashiyya” or    “Baba Summit” societies. “This society was a Sufi organization.The members of the “Bektashiyya” society were in close contact with the broad masses of the people. Mrs.Mashadi Nemet shows in her book that the “Safavids “  established Sufi organizations in the Sunni neighboring territories, which are their enemies – in Turkey , Shirvan and other areas. Among them are the  “Bektashiyya” and  “Baba Summit dervishes“, which have been operating for a long time. Pir Khalil Baba was also one of the most famous representatives of these socities , who operated in the land of Shirvan and became a pir even after his death.

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